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holy shit does anyone remember this video


Turn offs: private instagrams


ANONYMOUS PLAY TIME! (or not, up to you)

Send me one of these and I’ll answer.

  • HYE have you ever?
  • FMK fuck marry kill (with three names)
  • KHC kiss hug cuddle (with three names)
  • AMA ask me anything
  • HON hot or not? 
  • WWY well would you?
  • WYR would you rather? 
  • TOD truth or dare?
  • SMW ship me with? (send me ships)
  • TOT this or that?
  • WIS who I ship? (with myself, or with others — specify) 
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a person who refuses to make small accommodations for the sake of their friend’s mental health is a person who does not deserve to have friends

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Me: *dies*
Mom: WOW I can think of at least 10 people who could do that better than you shape up