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In first period tomorrow like


when u give head to him after he take a shower so his dick fresh n clean


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wish i was witty and cute but instead im sarcastic and annoying

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wish i was kissing you instead of thinking about you

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what do lesbians do when they’re both on their period

finger paint



i hate people who take posts like “black ladies are beautiful” and say “YOU MEAN EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL”

its like showing up to a little celebratory function for an unappreciated tech crew of a movie and going “DONT U THINK THE ACTORS ARE IMPORTANT TOO???”

son the actors already have the red carpet and four billion dollars sit down


Whenever you feel rejected and sad, just remember that when I told my crush that I like him, he texted back “lol so sup”

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imagine if china, while they’re up on the moon, decides to knock down the US flag or whatever just to say ‘screw you’ and its like, what are we gonna do? spend a couple million just to fly some craft up to the moon and re-erect the flag? the whole scenario would be petty and that’s hilarious 

i have lived in america my entire life and i am 100% sure we would do exactly that

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